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Alexander Spa

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Welcome to the ALEXANDER SPA, an ideal destination for every visitor who knows to choose. Escape from the intense rhythms of the modern life in an absolutely relaxed and luxury environment – a place where all the senses are turned on and you re could enjoy the art of accommodation.

The Alexander Spa exclusively and with pride presents the specialized companies of products and treatments, VALMONT and ALGOANE. Every VALMONT and ALGOANE therapy is a complete experience of care in a place of an absolute luxury. The holistic approach of the Alexander spa' s treatments is addressed to not only the face and body but also to the soul and the mind.

VALMONT rectifies the remarks of the time. It heritages the Swiss medical tradition from the homonymous clinic. The remarkable Swiss tradition at the medical research is responsible for making the VALMONT the most advanced trademark in the field of the cell recreation as well as the rectitication of the skin's damage. This trademark is based on the excellent ingredients HP DNA & RNA and the Alpes Glaciers' water, producing a rare combination of luxury and antiaging. The series Nature by VALMONT carries the anti-stress and antioxidant power of the Swiss plants extracts form the the certified organic cultivations at the Alpes.

ALGOANE, the Atlantic's cool aura. Based on fresh seaweeds from the Bretagne, it guarantees the result of the active ingredients like trace elements, metals, macroelements, amino and vitamins. The seaweeds are a source of power to the body. ALGOANE offers a great variance in care and products with innovative texture and a cool sea fragnance for the face and the body. The ALGOANE's seaweeds are more pleasant for the customer and more handy for the therapist due to the unique gel composition. The variance in colours, the smells and the ingredients uniquely combined offer both effectiveness and wellness. In ALGOANE, we combine the science and the pleasure.

Enjoy the unique environment of ALEXANDER SPA and enter the senses' journey. The Spa is equiped by heated pool with jacuzzi, sauna, turkish bath, relaxation room, modern and full gym with qualified fitness of the trademark Technogym, as well as Power Plate pro5 Airdaptive.

At the Spa's pool, youn can enjoy all the beneficial properties of the water without a burden on the bones and the hinges, choosing the hydrogymnastic's equipment. The best way for fast results. Also it is ideal for the pregnants.




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